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—New Life Visioning Video and Planner Package for Women
Transitioning to Their Third Act of Life—

Is your future unclear for your retirement years? 
Are you confused about what you want?
Are you uncertain about what choices to make?

 Are you ready to tune in to your deepest desires to manifest an extraordinary next stage of life?

Then grab this life-visioning planner and video package now 
to design a beautiful life for your 3rd act!

>>>Dream it | Align it | Manifest it<<<

Let's make this age, the best stage!™

  • Discover Your CLARITY:  Illuminate your dreams, desires, and designs by asking yourself those deeper questions and get the clarity you want for this next, great phase of life
  • Grow Your CONFIDENCE: Inspire the confidence you know you have inside you as you align your dreams with your intuitive, insightful mature self.
  • Define Your COURAGE:  Ignite your courage to manifest a beautiful way of being and living on this planet in a fulfilling, purposeful retirement.
Designing My Extraordinary 3rd Act Workbook™
by Denise M. Peterson, CBCP
Your Extraordinary 3rd Act Coach

Denise Peterson

Grandmother. Traveler. Dreamer. Entrepreneur.
Loving my (retired) life. 
Dream It | Align It | Manifest It
"Designing My
Extraordinary Third Act
Life-Visioning Package"
 From the desk of Denise Peterson, semi-retired and living this next stage of life with clarity, confidence, and courage—and a whole lot more calm.  I have found the secret to designing an extraordinary life for my third act, and I look forward to sharing that with you.
Are you ready to make this age the best stage yet?™

No more feeling confused, confounded, or conflicted.
Get your dreams on paper and start a whole new chapter of life. 

Dear Friends in Your Fifties, Sixties, and Beyond (aka, third act),

If you want to move into your retirement years with more clarity, confidence, and courage—and a whole lot more calm, then this is the most important message you'll read today.

By landing here, you have the chance to be one of the few happy, healthy, and happening 3rd actors in your area. 

Here's what that can look like:

     —A smooth transition from full-time work life to a 3rd act that includes work or not...however you want to make it happen.
     —A healthier you who pays more attention to the whole you and less attention to the stress from past traumas and outer circumstances.

     —A happier you who has cultivated your own interests, friends, and connections for the rest of life's journey.

I'm offering you a complete workbook with you in mind to help you make decisions to live where you want, how you want, and do what you want. 

Ready for it?

I'll show you in a minute.  

But first, what makes my planner and videos different from other 'this is how to retire with a million bucks'  books out there?

We've heard a lot about saving money for retirement (and I get that), but seldom have we heard about how to actually **THRIVE** in our third act.
Not to mention how to live in such a way that we can Leave a Legacy of Love for the Planet.™

So here are the facts...

You may have a whole one-third of your life left to live in your 3rd act. That could be thirty years, more or less. 

What worked when you were twenty, thirty, or even forty, NEVER works the same in your fifties, sixties, and beyond. 


Because (surprise!) you are a different person now than when you were younger. 

As a whole, they say that those of us in our sixties+ are generally happier and more content just because we've faced a lot of stuff along the way and know that we can do it again.

But what no one tells you is that NOW  is your opportunity to 

     — reinvent yourself and try new dreams or reclaim old ones,

     — let go of past traumas and dramas, 
     — explore whole new ways of being in the world!

No other age group (Boomers, :)) has so much life experience and life to give back to the world.

And this is not all about your bank balance,  though we do know that is important for this stage of life. 

What I'm offering instead is all about loving life (not just hanging on or getting by) in your third act.

I've been in living my own extraordinary third act for many years now.  And, before that, as a non-profit exec., I was dedicated to helping people build new lives.

But I was wearing out, and I could tell I didn't have the same zip I used to have.

Until I found a secret that made my life do a great turn-around! 

I went from an unhealthy, unhappy, and uncertain single, aging female trying to figure out the next stage of life, to a happy, healthy, and confident woman living an extraordinary life on a tropical island in SE Asia, enjoying exotic foods and friends, and earning a side income in my retirement. 

And I did it by doing the inner healing work I needed to do to manifest an outer life I dreamed about. 

No other financial-planning, retirement guru can bring this level of inner and outer experience to the table for you.  

This Life-Visioning Planner and Video Package Will Help You Discover Your Dreams, Plans, Wants, and Needs As You Tap Your Intuitive Self and
Design Your Own
Extraordinary Third Act

Most retirement articles and workbooks try to make it all about the size of your bank account and investments. 

But not mine. I'm speaking directly to where you are right now with your life change transition into your 3rd act (or your discontent with what you've been doing so far).

Maybe you're frustrated with what's in your life now that the honeymoon time is over.

You might be feeling a little bored.

Kind of lonely even, and especially during uncertain times

Even kind of rudderless now that your old work life has changed.

So I've put this sixty+ page digital, editable planner perfectly paired with a 3-video set together to help you get a handle on activating your intuitive self, your sacred intention, your deeper insight into what you want more of, what you want less of, and what you want to surprise you for an outstanding (shall we say, extraordinary?) next act of life. 

Now, without further ado...

Here's What You're Getting

You'll get my personal insights all put into this full digital planner and videos to guide you in asking yourself the deeper questions of life as you design your next thirty years of living.

You can design an extraordinary life based on YOU, on what YOU want in life...and you know, that has changed over the years. Your wants and dreams have changed over time, so now is the right time to reinvent yourself, release your pain, and reaffirm your authentic self. 

You will get tips, techniques, and time-honored wisdom on making the decisions that suit your version of an extraordinary life. 

  • How to activate your dormant intuition and recognize new wisdom and vision coming your way.

  • ​Why it is important to DO THIS Instead of THAT when planning for the next phase of life. 
  • ​How to decide on where to live or what your home should look like for this stage of life.
  • ​How to state your highest intentions for your life going forward to increase your chance of manifesting these dreams.
  • ​How to recognize if you are in a relationship that is no longer in your highest good.
  • ​How to determine what constitutes a life-giving friendship for you at this stage of life.
  • ​How to "get connected" with your highest self, higher power, or God Above when seeking answers to your life plans.
  • ​What you want to do to improve your personal character for the next phase of life. 
  • ​What to focus on for your own health and well-being based on your sense of healing for yourself.
  • ​How do you want to spend your time doing hobbies and activities that suit you now, not when you were younger.
  • ​Which dreams do you want to pick up again that you lost during your childhood.
  • Do you want to continue to work for pay or is there another way to make finances work for you.
  • ​What do you dream of doing to bring more enjoyment to your life through cultural, spiritual, or artistic endeavors and events.

And experience these changes...

Now, I'm fully aware that the clock is ticking on our lives. It just is a fact now of which we're all more aware.
...I've been there, too, stressing out about what I'm going to do with all of this extra time, all of this leftover life-drama, and these dreams of mine that were never touched.

This is a cruel trap because in some ways you just want to give up, sit in the rocking chair, and let the world pass you by.

But, once I did that inner questioning and the inner healing work, I became a new, happier version of me.

And I want you to come with me.

This is the best time for you to get started on your own life blueprint using this workbook to enhance your own journey to making this age, the best stage.

As with any blueprint, it is all there for you in the workbook with the steps laid out for you, deep questions that lead you to your new understandings, things for which you are grateful right now, and what you'd like to see happen in your life.

If you put in the thoughtful time to answer the questions, listen to my wisdom and insight in the book, you will be well on your way to manifesting a new you in retirement.

And why not!?

I'm speaking to you as a fellow retiree who is on her own vision quest for manifesting a new life and a new you in this next phase of life.

In fact, why not make this age, the best stage yet™?

Now this workbook is tried and true with client-approved items that I will share with you.

By laying out your own life plan for this next stage of life, you will get the clarity, confidence, and courage you you need to move forward.

And, by using my "Tips to Increase Manifesting Success," included in the workbook, you'll have the tools to ignite your heart spark and recognize more of what you want to increase and what you want to decrease in your retirement years. 

I've worked with hundreds of clients from the United States, Canada, and in SouthEast Asia to help them clear out their emotional baggage and move forward into the lives they want to live. 

One retiree was able to release her grief so she can live her snow-bird life going south for the winter and north for the summer.

Another is able to live more peacefully in her marriage knowing that she is on a healthier emotional track than she was before. 

And the stories go on!

The Big Takeaways

Here's just a taste of what you'll get inside the workbook:

You're getting a huge opportunity to do retirement right—for you. 

To explore all of these questions of the sages and see what you come up with for YOU. 

So, just knowing that someone like you still has so much to offer the world, you could be designing a fulfilling, thriving 3rd act that lets you...

...Leave a Legacy of Love for the Planet!™

All because you took the time to go deeper into the questions that matter to YOU and get the answers that will give you life, no more than that, answers that will help you THRIVE!

This is a game-changing mindset shift to what you're used to thinking about retirement.

  • You’ll discover why designing your extraordinary life for your 3rd act really is important to your health and wellbeing.
  • How to turn your life plan in the workbook into a beautiful vision board.
  • You’ll learn tips to increase your manifestation success.
  • You’ll practice unique gratitude exercises to raise your vibrational level to new capacities.
  • You’ll design your dreams with new ways of visioning your life, your future, and your community all with a deepened intuitive power to see and feel things in a whole new way.

This is the Most Inspirational Way to Design a Retirement that Brings You Clarity, Confidence, and Courage...and a Whole Lot of Calm 

Get started today on designing your extraordinary third act with this top-notch workbook full of insights, wisdom, and questions so you can...
Dream it | Align it | Manifest it

The digital, fillable ebook and 3-video set I have  on this page is called "Designing My Extraordinary Third Act" because that's exactly what it is:

A life plan method for helping you dream your retirement life, set about planning for it, and then, manifesting your intentions.

It's only $27

If you like it, maybe you'll become my client, and I can help you figure out the life you want to live in your third act, just like I did.

Or not.

Either way, it's a superb life vision package that gives you a firm foundation for gaining the clarity you want for your retirement years.
Most people approaching retirement are ill-prepared for all the decisions they have to make about how to spend their time, what really matters to them now, and how to release the past dramas and traumas they've accumulated along the line.

But so much of this comes down to these basic questions...

...Who am I now, at this stage of life?
...What do I have to give to the world?
...What do I want to experience in this rest of my life?

With this workbook designed to bring out the best in you, you will start to answer these questions in a way you would not have thought about before this.

That's the secret that sets this book apart from the rest.

It is designed for you, at this stage of life, making big decisions that matter and are based on the new you and not the you of the past.

This is easy and yet profound. 

Here is Some of What You'll Discover Inside This Brand New Life-Visioning Package of Videos and Planner:

  • What am I grateful for right now in these eight areas of life?
  • How do I want my home to reflect my new style of being and living?
  • How do let go of friendships that aren't healthy and build (and retain) friendships that are lifegiving?
  • How do I work with my family now that I'm at this stage of life?
  • What part of my health and wellbeing can I make better so I can live well as long as possible?
  • How do I pick-up my dream of playing a musical instrument (or writing a book, poem, or son) now?
  • ​How can I increase my spiritual connection and explore new vistas?
  • What is the best way for me to give back to my community now, at this stage?
This book also includes self-assessments, exercises, examples, and more to help you get started on your journey to your own life plan in retirement
This brand new book, based on my years of experience and wisdom that changed lives just like yours...

...is available right now for just $4.95. It's instantly available to you as are the free bonuses the second you hit "submit."

That's way less than a therapy visit when you forgot to think about your own roadmap for your retirement.

For $27 you can download the 60+ editable ebook plus have immediate access to the 3-video set and be on your path to a HAPPIER, thriving retirement (your 3rd act) right away.

That's how easy and powerful this system is.

There are no strings attached, I promise.

I've been right where you are, not so many years ago, and I've dedicated this part of my life to sharing what I learned so YOU can avoid my pitfalls, my big holes, and my "wish I hadn't done that" challenges.

I'm all about being true to yourself in your own expression and never encouraging you to do something less than right for YOU.

I won't sign you up for any hidden program without you noticing.

I won't charge any silly fees, or auto-subscribing you to any services either. 

$27 is $27. You do your part, and you'll be glad you took the chance on a better retirement.


And It's All Backed by a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If in 30 days, this book and its bonuses do not do what I said it would in this letter, then, I'll send you back the $27 and let you keep the free bonuses. 

Just shoot me an email (Denise@DenisePeterson.net), and I'll refund you right away.

Get Your Copy of
Designing My Extraordinary 3rd Act Planner and Videos
Dream it | Align it | Manifest it

I thank you for reading this and can't wait to hear from you again when you're living your own version of an amazing, extraordinary 3rd act. 

Denise Peterson, MM, CBCP

P.S. Did you scroll down here to see what I was all about?

Here's the rundown of what I said above:

1. I've just put together an e-book and video set, "Designing My Extraordinary 3rd Act: Dream It. Plan It. Manifest It." that will give you the outline for you to design an extraordinary 3rd act. This book and the accompanying videos contain all of the tips, techniques, and time-honored wisdom I've gained from designing my own retirement life.

2. In this book, I'll lead you deeper into the questions you'll find to making your own clear, confidence, courageous (and calm) choices for a beautiful future. 

3. The questions are clear and many choices laid out for you that have benefited so many others just like you.

4. The cost for all of this is $27.

There's no catch to this instantly downloadable book and access to the videos. No trial offers or auto-subscriptions. Just all around good will for your own extraordinary 3rd act.
Denise M Peterson

About the Author: Denise Peterson, Intentional Life Change Coach

Denise Peterson "retired" from the non-profit world at age 62. Since then, she started her 3rd act adventure by packing up her home and moving to a tropical island in SouthEast Asia. As a Certified Body Code Practitioner Denise has helped hundreds of men and women find new meaning for this next stage of life they call retirement. Denise is an active volunteer with the internationally displaced, and regularly enjoys virtual time with friends and family around the world. All while designing a life that can Leave a Legacy of Love for the Planet.™