Feeling Stressed, Anxious, and Out of Control? 

Calm Your Soul to Refresh Your Life

  • Calm: I'll share practical insights from having personally lived through financial challenges, divorce, family deaths, upheavals, life changes, stressful times, and unknown futures...and emerging with a deeper serenity
  • ConfidenceI'll demonstrate easy-to-do tips and tricks of things you can do on the spot when stress seems to overtake you
  • CourageI'll show you long-lasting, soul healing techniques to get your calm back and your peace on regardless of what life throws at you!

What You'll Get...

You'll get access to our interactive, insightful, and inspirational FaceBook page, Dynamic Life Healing where you can learn more from Denise's free trainings, helpful articles, and inspirational writings.
You'll have access to the three video modules for up to six months which you can watch at your leisure and as many times as you'd like. Plus, you can share them as you'd like. 
You'll have access to the FREE bonus, The Self-Esteem Journal that you can keep forever. And even share with your friends and family. The questions are deep and challenging. 

I've been working one-on-one with clients for years to help them not just gain control and calm in the midst of their life storms, but also how to let go of energetic blockages that keep them down. 

You will learn conscious and subconscious ways to clear your own energy centers so you can respond to stressful life situations more in control of your emotions. And be the person you want to be regardless of what life throws at you!

What You'll Learn

(Self) Compassion
Module 1: You will learn more about how to love and care for yourself and therefore give yourself grace in the midst of turmoil. We are each part of a common humanity and to give ourselves the same love and respect we would give anyone else. You will learn how to activate your thymus gland which enhances immunity and other heart chakra techniques. 
Module 2: You will focus on gaining control of your emotions so you gain self-confidence, self-determination, and self-love. You will learn three techniques to help you balance your solar plexus energy, learn to recognize what you can control  and let go of what you can't, and recognize and release accumulated, unhealthy emotions that have held you back. 
Module 3:  It is essential to be connected to the true you. Here you will learn key techniques to help you speak your truth, to create from your truth, and to release and activate the fifth throat chakra so you increase your connection to you. All three modules go hand in hand to build your serenity and enhance your sense of calm for your soul. 

Self Esteem Journal from Dynamic Life Healing

FREE Bonus

I also invite you to enjoy the free bonus I'm including with this program. The Self-Esteem Journal will greatly enhance the depth and effectiveness of the three modules above.

The  free Self-Esteem Journal will make you smile, think a little, but always go deeper into your own life and heart. 

You will reflect on your life, gifts, and accomplishments through an effective journaling technique.

Here is a taste of what you'll discover: 

-Reflect on your childhood. Write down positives and negatives that influenced your self esteem as an adult. How have you grown since then?

-What can you do each day to show love to yourself?

And many more to help you grow your sense of confidence, clarity, and courage. You are so worth it!

This is a 3-module automated videocourse. The course costs just $47 for six months of access. PLUS, you get the FREE bonus to keep forever. Click the button below to place your order and get immediate access to the videos and free bonus. 

Denise M Peterson

Meet Denise, an expert in Intentional Life Change

Hi, I'm Denise, and I'm an expert in Intentional Life Change. As a wellness leader, coach, and speaker, I help men and women in midlife  get the clarity, confidence and courage to design an extraordinary life in their second act. But what I'm most passionate about, is helping world conscious seniors leave a legacy of love for the planet. And have a whole lot of fun doing it!

I am a Certified Body Code Practitioner and have spent much of my career as a non-profit leader. I am now living my version of an extraordinary life by traveling and volunteering around the world, helping midlife men and women make the next phase of life the best phase of life, and serving others through energy and spiritual healing. 

I cordially invite you to move towards your own extraordinary life and leave a legacy of love for generations to come. Contact me at Denise@DynamicLifeHealing.com. 

May I Answer Your Questions?

Q. How long are the videos?

Each video is about 25-30 minutes long. They each highlight 3 techniques that I have chosen to help you feel better and regain your calm. 

Q. Why Do You Talk About Energy Centers?

I have studied the ancient wisdom that is now understood by the scientific community that we each have many whirling energy centers in our bodies. By understanding this, we can balance those centers, clear them of unhealthy energies, and release them to flow smoothly for our highest and best good. Learning more about these centers is an intriguing endeavor that I strongly encourage you to do. 

Q. Are the techniques easy to learn?

I chose the techniques for each section of the videos because they have worked for me and for my clients. Each technique is easy to do, but each is really only effective if you practice it and use it often so that it becomes ingrained in you when you are faced with difficult situations. Like playing a game—you get better the more you practice.

 Q. Can I watch it later if I want to?

Yes, please do! And watch them as often as you'd like so you can practice the techniques I bring to you. I will make them available for six months from your purchase. Share them with your friends or group. And, practice so the techniques become second nature and your calm will come when you need it most.
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