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     Hi, Denise here. I’ve used this life plan system to get me to my own extraordinary life after 60. I coupled this with  practicing "I Am Enough" self-love that grew my clarity, confidence, and courage to move forward into retirement. 

     And I promise you that if you work through these go-deeper questions and consider the 8 major dimensions of your life, you will be on a clear path towards designing your own extraordinary life in retirement. 

     I’m a single woman without a hefty bank account, but I still managed to design my way into a life I wanted to live. And on my own without breaking the bank, ruining my health, or depending on a (non-existent) life partner. 

     You can, too!      
  • Think you don’t have what it takes to build a whole new way of living regardless of your age, how much is in your bank account, life situation, and partner status? Find out what lies deep within you that is calling you to a new excitement about this next phase of life. You CAN discover it.
  • Get CLARITY on your own dreams, goals, and visions for YOUR future. We all want confidence as we approach aging —and confidence comes with planning, preparation and some risk-taking. You CAN put it all together.
  • Greatness lies within you—within each of us—and it doesn't end because we reach a certain age. You can get free from past traumas that hold you hostage and move forward into your new life with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, AND COURAGE to live a life that you have designed. You CAN design a life you want to live.
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